Trichromancy is a deckbuilding game where each of your characters has their own deck.  Your deck consists of cards that can generate mana and cards that can use the mana for dealing damage.  Mana that is generated can be used by anyone, even the enemies!  You'll need to balance generation of lots of mana in order for you to use big attacks without allowing your enemies to cast big attacks on you with the mana you make.

Each character's turn consists of:

  1. Drawing 4 cards (shown in the bottom right)
  2. Playing cards until you use all of your AP (action points)
  3. Ending your turn

Some limitations on how you play cards:

  1. You can only play attack cards if the proper mana has been generated
  2. You can only play each card from your deck once per turn
  3. You must use all of your action points
  4. If your character's HP is at or below 0, they are unconscious and cannot play during their turn.

There are "Bonus Actions" available in the bottom center of your screen that are basic mana generators to be used by anyone.  They use 1 AP, but can be used multiple times per turn.

Win the battle by dealing enough damage to your enemy before they knock out all of your mages.  Good luck!

Terms and Symbols

A glossary of terms and symbols used in Trichromancy.

Mage Attributes
  • AP = Action Points
  • HP = Health Points
  • BP = Blue Power
  • RP = Red Power
  • YP = Yellow Power
Mana Symbols

 = Blue Mana symbol

 = Red Mana symbol

 = Yellow Mana symbol

Deckbuilding Terms
  • Main Deck = Cards in your mage's deck that you take into battle
  • Sideboard = Additional cards in the mage's possession that are not in the current deck.
  • In Hand = Cards your mage can play on their turn in battle.
  • Draw Pile = Cards that have yet to be drawn by the mage during battle
  • Discard Pile = All cards that have been in the mage's hand but have not been reshuffled into the Draw Pile.

Starting a New Game

From the main menu, choose New Game to start your adventure.  Once clicked, you'll see the 3 save slots available.  If you've never played, they may all be empty, so you can choose any save slot you'd like.  Picking a save slot will keep using that save slot until you start a new game.

Once you've chosen a save slot, confirm that you want to use this save slot for your game.  If you're overwriting a game that was previously saved, you may want to cancel to choose a different save slot.


Your party consists of three mages, each with a color specialty to start.  Each mage's info panel shows:

  • HP - Hit Points - How much life the mage has before becoming unconscious
  • AP - Action Points - On their turn, the mage must use all of these action points before ending their turn.
  • BP - Blue Power - This determines the level of blue cards this mage can buy and use.
  • RP - Red Power - This determines the level of red cards this mage can buy and use.
  • YP - Yellow Power - This determines the level of yellow cards this mage can buy and use.
  • Gold - Used in the shop to buy upgrades and cards.  NOTE: Gold is not shared between mages, each mage has their own gold.


There are two main types of cards in Trichromancy.  All cards are available to mages and enemies.  During battle, you'll see a letter in the lower left, which is the keyboard shortcut to cast that card.

Add Mana

These cards cost nothing to cast and result in generating mana of the specified colors.  To gain access to one of these cards, your mage needs to have as many color points as the mana it generates.  For example, to use the "Add 2 Orange" card, your mage needs to have 2 RP and 2 YP.

Basic Attack

These cards use mana to deal damage to an opponent.  The mana cost is listed on the left, and the amount of damage is listed on the right.  To gain access to one of these cards, your mage needs to have as many color points as the cost of the card.  For example, to use the "Purple Basic Attack" card, your mage needs to have at least 1 BP and 1 RP.

The Shop

In the shop, each mage can purchase cards or upgrades for themselves using their individual gold.  Each purchase will ask if you want to confirm before buying, as there are no full refunds!  Cards can be sold back to the store for half of the purchase price.

Note that the cards available for your mage will change if you buy color power upgrades, including multi-color spells.

To sell cards, click on the Sell Cards button on your mage in the upper right.  Only cards in your sideboard can be sold back to the shop.


To assemble your deck prior to battle, click on View Deck in Town or in the Shop, then click on the Edit Deck button at the bottom of the screen.

While editing your mage's deck, you'll see the current deck on the left panel and the mage's sideboard on the right side.  Click on a card in the current deck to enable movement to the sideboard, or click on a card in the sideboard to be able to move it to the main deck.  The main deck has a minimum of 20 cards, but has no maximum.


During battle, each character will take turns based on their speed attribute.  Each character must fully use all AP (action points) before ending their turn.  Each card uses 1 AP.  Any cards that can't be played will be disabled until they are playable, and each card can only be played once per turn.  Available cards in hand show up in the lower right corner.

In the lower middle section, there are 3 "Generic Actions".  Any character can use these actions as often as they'd like instead of the cards in hand.  This can be useful if you want to set up another character's attacks, or if you don't have any other good options.

Any mana that is generated by any character can be used by any other character, and stays there until it is used by someone.

Each "pile" of cards for each mage can be clicked to see what cards have been discarded, drawn, or are still in the draw pile.

There is no way to heal your mages in a battle, but they will all heal fully when back in town.


  • Any enemy can be fought again if you just need to earn some more gold.
  • Hover over an enemy in town to see more details about that enemy.
  • Some enemies only use certain colors, so you can safely generate mana that the enemy doesn't use.
  • Adding a second primary color skill to a mage can unlock new card types.
  • The only penalty for running away mid-battle or losing a battle is that you won't get gold for that fight.


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