Release v1.0

Trichromancy v1.0 is out!  This release includes all of the things I wanted in a party-based deckbuilding game that runs on any platform.  Here are the main features:

- Party with 3 mages, each with their own deck and stats

- Build individual decks for each character

- Shared mana pool between both players and enemies for spellcasting

- Shop for buying upgrades and new cards

- Progression system with multiple unique enemies

Specific changes since v0.4:

- More cards, including 'tertiary' colors

- More enemies

- Redone help screens

- Rebalanced card prices and effects

- UI theme changes

Files 9 MB
May 22, 2022
trichromancy-v1.0.apk 27 MB
May 22, 2022
trichromancy-v1.0.dmg 35 MB
May 22, 2022
trichromancy-v1.0.exe 34 MB
May 22, 2022
trichromancy-v1.0.x86_64 35 MB
May 22, 2022

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