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Cosmic Trading Crew

Explore the galaxy with your crew! A game for an adult to play with up to 2 kids. · By Chris Parlette


Recent updates

Colony population, launcher fixes, and quest portraits!
Here's what's new in Cosmic Trading Crew this week: - Colonies have a starting population that grows every day - The game launcher checks to see if it needs to...
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Sector screen updates, return to the main menu, and quest list changes!
Here's some new things in Cosmic Trading Crew this week: - New option to return to the main menu instead of quitting entirely - Sectors without stations, planet...
Send messages, galaxy details changes, and bug fixes!
Here's what was added to Cosmic Trading Crew this week! - You can send messages to other captains if you see them in your sector - Moved the "known universe" bu...
Expanded galaxy, quest list images, and galaxy map visuals!
Here's some updates to Cosmic Trading Crew that happened this week: - A picture of the good to be delivered is shown on the quest list - New sectors, warp lanes...
Shop updates, quest updates, and sorted lists!
This week's updates for Cosmic Trading Crew: - Shops show your current cargo for items in the shop screen - Updated quest list to be easier to read - Faction po...
Colony requirements and planet UI improvements!
Here are the updates for Cosmic Trading Crew from this past week: - Making a new colony requires different goods based on the planet type - Planets show differe...
Colonies, popup improvements, and sound effects!
This week's updates to Cosmic Trading Crew: - Popups at the end of minigames look better - Added sound effects when you successfully complete a minigame - Capta...
Warp button details, bigger galaxy map, better NPC dialog!
Here's what's new in Cosmic Trading Crew this past week! - NPCs now talk about open quests you already have from them - Warp buttons are bigger and show faction...

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