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Cosmic Trading Crew is a space trading game where you travel the galaxy with your crew.  While you can play the game solo, the intention is to have a "captain" (an adult) with up to 2 crew members (usually kids).  Throughout your travels, you will encounter minigames that work best when you work together with your crew to complete the minigames.

Getting Started

The first time you play Cosmic Trading Crew, you'll need to make a captain.  The captain will have a password so you can login again to pick up where you leave off.  Once you've logged in, you'll see a Ship Code in the upper right corner.  This is the code you will use to have your crew join your ship.  Each crew member can open the game on their own device, then choose the Join Crew option from the main menu.  Enter the ship code to join that captain's ship.  

The first crew member to join will join as the Pilot, and the second crew member will join as the Navigator.  If the captain wants to change the crew positions after the crew members have joined, you can click on the Swap Crew button from the right menu.  If the captain wants to see the screen from the perspective of the Pilot or the Navigator (or you don't have a Pilot or Navigator), then the captain can click on the corresponding view button from the right menu.

Things To Do

The galaxy is broken up into sectors that are each in a territory.  To move between sectors, you can click on a Warp Button in the upper left section of the sector view.  Some sectors have stations where you can buy or sell goods.  Some sectors also have planets to land on.


1. Maze - When you move between sectors, you'll travel through a Maze.  The navigator can see the maze, but not the ship or the destination.  The pilot can see the ship and the destination, but not the maze.  Only the pilot can move the ship.  The pilot will have to tell the navigator where they need to go, and the navigator will have to tell the pilot how to get there.

2. Decode - When you attempt to dock at a station, you'll have to decode a message to enter the security code.  The captain will see 4 images that make up the encoded message.  The navigator has a mapping of images with a corresponding letter.  The captain and the navigator will work together to decode the 4 letters, then tell the pilot.  The pilot will enter the 4 letters of the security code in order to dock at the station.

3. Simon - When you attempt to land on a planet, you'll need to press a sequence of buttons.  The navigator can see the sequence by pressing the "Play Pattern" button, which will cause 4 buttons to flash in order.  The navigator can press this as many times as necessary to see the pattern.  The navigator will then tell the pilot which order to press the buttons to input the sequence.


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